T-Shirt Design

Upscale T- Shirt Designing for any occasion.

A lot goes into designing a good t-shirt, but the illustrations on your shirts require particular attention. Of course, the quality of the t-shirt material and how it fits determines how happy your customers will be wearing your product after they purchase it, but the graphic or message on the t-shirt is what gets their attention and persuades them to buy the shirt in the first place. There are a million places your customers can go to find just any old t-shirt, but if your illustrations are unique, witty, eye-catching or just the right kind of weird, they will keep coming back for more.

Apex Media LA can help you create and produce the perfect T-Shirt Designs from start to finish!


We start by coming up with your custom Designs to apply on your t-shirts.

Materials & Mock Ups

We will help you with produce the best clothing. We have many leads with manufactures in the highest quality blanks and best prices around! Wether its a t-shirt or apparel design we can produce it!


We will work side by side with you to produce the highest quality outcome!

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