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A logo is the first priority of a business, brand or organization to establish a strong foundation. Whether its a start-up or a corporation, elegant brand identity plays a lead role to entice the target audience to invest in your commodities. That is why it should be developed professionally to make your business stand out in the crowded marketplace.
Creating a strong brand is essential to any organization. While there are many elements that come together to establish a strong brand identity, often the logo is at its heart. Even if you already have a logo, something fresh may be needed for a new product, combining companies, or simply modernizing.

Logo Design Process

The process can be simple and still support interaction with the team, research, design direction, and smooth delivery. The key steps in the logo design process include Scope and Planning, Research, Ideation and Design, and Asset Delivery.

Scope and Planning

The first step is all about defining the project goals and organizational needs. At the end of this step, we will deliver a Creative Brief, scope, budget, and timeline. There are two primary objectives of the step, get to know the client or business the logo is to represent, and to define the parameters of the project for what will be delivered and when.

  • Audience
  • Service or product descriptions
  • Vision
  • Core philosophy
  • Market
  • Full color, scalable logo
  • Different versions for web, print, merchandise, paper products, and other specialized needs

  • What brands are similar to yours? What do they like or dislike about their brand identity or logo?
  • What kinds of driving forces or passions are behind the company?
  • Is your brand young, fun, and irreverent or established and serious?
  • Are their adjectives or emotions that reflect your brand? Think fresh, strong, bold, playful.



The other part of the research step is external to the business. This means looking into and talking to target customers, competition, and the market in general. You want to paint a picture of the who, what, and where for the brand. What’s working for the biggest competition? Are there key factors others are missing related to your customers’ locations, interests, or passions? What resonates with those customers?

The creative brief from step one might need to be extended or refined. Additional elements like mood boards can be added to help guide the design step.

Ideation and Design

This step is an interactive one and comprises the real design work. Beginning by brainstorming many ideas. Our team will work together so that your ideas can build off one another. Once all the ideas are down on paper and out of your heads, patterns may emerge, and a few good potential sketches should become obvious. The objective of the checkpoint is to make sure that our couple of options are matching up to what you are expecting and to get a feel for which options you prefer.

Asset Delivery

Using the approved design and the initial scope as a checklist, we will create all the promised deliverables. At a minimum, the project will result in a scalable graphic file in color. Typically it will include variations such as vertical and horizontal or black and white. It’s also beneficial to provide style guidelines around how and when to use the variations, including spacing.


Logo Design To Build A Successful Brand.

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