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Our Approach

Our methodology is collaborative, holistic, and highly rigorous with multiple data sources—yet streamlined—so decisions are made with certainty and your time is used efficiently. This proven approach liberates us to think strategically and creatively, and is managed with precision.

  • Brand strategy/ business strategy alignment
  • Competitive framework and message mapping
  • Trends analysis
  • Social media sweep
  • Internal ideation for market validation
  • Employee engagement theme, strategy and plan
  • SWOT analysis
  • Qualitative customer insight research
  • Brand health metrics
  • Customer value drivers and decision making research
  • Importance and performance attribute mapping
  • Name and brand equity assessment
  • Brand architecture system development
  • External assessment of hypotheticals and additional brainstorming
  • Rigorous quantitative positioning evaluation and messaging prioritization research
  • Positioning, pillar and brand strategy definition
  • Core messaging – adapted to key audiences
  • Strategic roadmap that prioritizes resources against the highest impact activities
  • Employee engagement: communications and training
  • Brand operationalization
  • Corporate identity
  • Visual expression and brand guidelines
  • Sales tools and training
  • Marketing execution
  • Customer experience journey to bring the brand to life
  • Campaign to launch the newly defined brand
  • Brand metrics and management
  • Brand infusion into the culture of the organization

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